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Strong public interest in sustainable housing solutions and significant improvements to local and state planning policy and building standards over the last ten years have been a driving force for higher performing buildings and smarter property development in Western Australia.

For over a decade, we have worked closely with developers, local government and property consultants to help them successfully deliver award winning (and sought after) environmentally sustainable development (ESD) that is valued by buyers and investors in the market place.

Chiara Pacifici. Lead Consultant.

Since 2012, I have has been helping progressive business leaders change towards sustainable practice and deliver high performing mixed-use property development throughout Perth. Combined with an extensive career in real estate sales, I’ve been able to clearly define the value proposition for all parties.  In 2017, I launched CP Collaborative to expand and consult to the wider property industry.

I am passionate and committed to sustainable development – working at grass root with consumers to better understand buyer sentiment and demand for sustainable buildings. I have advised local government on ESD policy, consulted with state planning policy makers on Design WA and led sustainability considerations in recent Strata Title Reforms, making it easier for body corporates to embed sustainability infrastructure.

Comfortable, better quality, smarter and healthy homes are much more affordable to live in and are valued highly in the market place.

This demand has increased significantly over the last five years due to the steady rise in living costs, cheaper access to smart technology (i.e. solar+battery) and significant performance based improvements to planning regulation and building codes.

My research has helped developers better understand their return on investment from improving building design and embedding innovation. I always work collaboratively – bringing on experienced consultants skilled in their field when ever a project needs additional expertise.

Collaboration is key.


“Together we can improve the value proposition of your current or future residential project ensuring a lasting positive legacy of your product and brand, for generations to come”. Chiara Pacifici. 

Featured Articles
Neville Pozzi Neville Pozzi CEO REIWA
Chiara is the epitome of passion and commitment when it comes to sustainability. Chiara’s passion to pass on her extensive knowledge about energy efficiency, sustainable development, carbon management and footprinting, and awareness of the built environment, has resulted in raising awareness within the real estate community about the impact of environmentally sustainable options now available to home and property owners.
Chiara has been instrumental in guiding the Psaros sustainability journey for the last 4 years, taking us from modest beginnings to the leading sustainable developer and builder in WA. Chiara is passionate, hard working and extremely knowledgeable in the sustainable space and more importantly, can take the theory of sustainability and design the framework for implementation in a project or company. I would highly recommend Chiara in all aspects of sustainability work.